100 cameras, 100 people, 100 ages: The 100

Picture from Camera 308 of the Disposable Memory Project

The creators of one my favourite collaborative photo projects, the Disposable Memory Project, have dreamed up and launched a new idea for 2012, and this one seems just as awesome. It's called The 100. 

The aim? To capture the a week in the lives of 100 people, aged between one and 100. By the end of the year, these snapshots of so many lives, from people of all different ages, scattered across the globe, will form a giant collage of life.

It's a little bit of social history documentation mixed with a smidge of creativity, which means that I love it. A lot.

Matthew Knight, the creator of the Disposable Memory Project, and his team are at the 'search' stage right now: they're looking for people who're interested in participating in the project. Unsurprisngly, the slots for people in their 30s are over-subscribed, whilst under-five and over-80 are a bit sparse. If you'd like to add your name to the list, or think that you know someone who might, head over to the website and sign up. You can be from anywhere, and definitely of any age!

The team isn't waiting for a full complement of 100 people to sign up before they send out their first cameras; they'll be doing that when they think that they have a fair enough spread to get started.

When participants have documented their lives with their disposable cameras, they'll return the camera to 100 HQ, where the film will be processed and the stories of their weeks, the snapshots of their lives, will be added to the project blog.

If you'd still like to get involved, but not necessarily by sharing a slice of your life with the project, you could always help out by donating a disposable camera to the cause, or by paying for some film processing. You can always spread the word, too, to complete the jigsaw of ages. 

Head over to The 100 to join in the fun and help create a canvas of life of all ages.