10 ravishing rain-filled shots

Cafe culture ii

It’s raining here in London. Actually, it seems to be raining pretty solidly across Britain today. It’s creating havoc at Celtic Manor where the Ryder Cup is being hosted. However, interference with sporting events aside, rain can make for some pretty awesome photos, so I’ve been poking about the Flickr-webs to see what flashes of gorgeousness are lurking amongst it. These are they. Enjoy!

1 – Dark Rain

'Dark Rain', by kirainet

2 – It was raining and just finished

'It was raining and just finished', by lrnirjhar

3 – Maple Leaf in Rain

'Maple Leaf in Rain', by Greg from Maine

4 – Paris in the rain

'Paris in the rain', by epic steve

5 – Peyto Lake Rain Storm

'Peyto Lake Rain Storm', by HDRob

6 – Rain washed rose

'Rain washed rose', by epicnom

7 – I wish it would rain dawn

'I wish it rain dawn', by Onironauta

8 – Collecting rain drops

'Collecting rain drops', by ZaIGHaM-IslaM

9 – Rain on the window

'Rain on the window', by hausstaubmilbe

10 – It Might Rain

'It Might Rain', by A guy with a camera

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