10 funky fisheyes

The Gas Company Tower by Metal Man (Michael Chen)

Recently, we posted an article on the use of a fisheye as an everyday lens. While writing that article, I came across some amazing photos that are perfect examples of how a fisheye lens can make your images stand out far above the rest. If you’re thinking about buying one, or perhaps borrowing a friend’s, then take a peek at these photos for some fisheye inspiration.

1 – The Gas Company Tower

The Gas Company Tower by Metal Man (Michael Chen)

2 – The Shelby Street Bridge

The Shelby Street Bridge by joshunter (Josh Hunter)

3 – Office: Want Otso’s job?

Office: Want Otso's job? by wili_hybrid (Ville Miettinen)

4 – Dan Deacon @ Coachelle 2008

Dan Deacon @ Coachelle 2008 by Mick 0

5 – Under the birches

Under the birches by taivasalla (Niklas Sjoblom)

6 – La Fontaine des Mers – Instax Windows

La Fontaine des Mers - Instax Windows by Slightlynorth (Shawn McClung)

7 – Washing Time!

Washing Time! by Zak Milofsky

8 – HDR IR A look up

HDR IR A look up by Lone Primate

9 – Going down

Going down by Potyike

10 – Natural History Museum

Natural History Museum by wokka

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