10 brill black and whites

Toes b&w edited

Black and white prints might do wonders for skin tones and therefore be a godsend for portrait photography, but that, and low-light photography, aren’t all that they’re good for. Back when I still used to shoot on film, I’d often get a roll developed in black and white just because I could. Anyway, I had a poke about the Flickr-verse to see what caught my eye in black and white. These are a few of them.

1 – Black and White Shimmer

Black and White Shimmer, by blently

2 – Cuba Gallery: Black and White

Cuba Gallery: Black and White, by Cuba Gallery

3 – Pencil Crayons Black & White

Pencil Crayons Black & White, by El Struthio

4 -Drinking Flamingo

Drinking Flamingo, by dogwatcher

5 – Sewing in Black and White

Sewing in Black and White, by riverwatcher09

6 – Black and White

Black and White, by Digit_AL

7 – Shell found on the beach

Shell found on the beach, by ianrobins

8 – Coeur de Cygne

Coeur de Cygne, by Visions photographiques

9 – Orchestration (Black and White)

Orchestration (Black and White), by steve xavier

10 – White lotus flower

White lotus flower, by Bahman Farzad

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