10 awesome photography projects on Kickstarter

Kickstarter: Exciting times for creative types

Do you believe the world needs more creativity? I certainly do. There's something awesome about people going out there, having fun, outlandish, or downright genius ideas (sometimes all three at once), and then turn them into reality.

Guess what, you can help... Kickstarter.com is a pretty nifty website, which in a very short period of time has developed into the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects, and your dollars can go towards any project of your choice.

A lot of photographers and inventors of photography gadgets have embraced Kickstarter - and I've rooted out the top 10 awesome projects that are worth a closer look

Police Tape

screen_shot_2011_07_01_at_131342.jpgWhat's the idea? Police Tape examines the impact of police recordings over the last 20 years, and how controversial police recordings are often withheld from public view.

Why is it worth your hard-earned dollars? When the police screw up, who finds out about it? With the advent of modern recording devices on dashboards of police cruisers, as well as ride-along camera crews, it’s baffling how many police officers still get away with infringing on citizen’s rights.

Help a Berkley student get his project out to the masses, so perhaps something can be done to affect change.

Funding goal: $1,500
Currently funded: $2,390

Check out Police Tape on Kickstarter!

Naked Sea

screen_shot_2011_07_01_at_131407.jpgWhat's the idea? Showcasing the importance of the Dead Sea, which is slowly disappearing, and its importance to the neighbouring cultures of Israel, Jordan, and Palestine.

Why is it worth your hard-earned dollars? Ari Fruchter and famed photographer Spencer Tunick team up to boost the significance of the dwindling Dead Sea by doing something no one has ever done before – taking nude photos.

Ok, nude photos have been done before, but by bringing together the three nations who surround the sea and photographing them nude has certainly never been accomplished, and will provide contributors with some fantastic original photos.

Funding goal: $60,000
Currently funded: $116,270

Find out more about Naked Sea on Kickstarter!

Ethiopian Wolf

screen_shot_2011_07_01_at_131453.jpgWhat's the idea? Documenting the extinction of the Ethiopian Wolf.

Why is it worth your hard-earned dollars? Less than 500 of these unique furry creatures exist today, mostly due to human decimation of their natural wildlife. With the help of donors researchers and photographers can document the species and help bring more attention to the wolf, hopefully to help it survive.

With over six months of research already invested, this project is using local and world-wide researchers to give the Ethiopian Wolf the best chance possible.

Funding goal: $13,500
Currently funded: $13,705

Read more about Ethiopian Wolf on Kickstarter!

Red Pop

screen_shot_2011_07_01_at_131540.jpgWhat's the idea? An iPhone accessory for true photography lovers.

Why is it worth your hard-earned dollars? Remember when your phone was all buttons, how satisfying it was to push them? Now it’s all touch screens and slides, and even taking a photo isn’t fun anymore.

Red Pop hopes to put some of the ‘click’ back into your iPhone use, by providing an accessory that makes the iPhone feel more like a real camera. So, if you feel like a dork every time you take out your iPhone for photos, here’s an accessory you can really get behind!

Funding goal: $20,000
Currently funded: $47,151

Find out more about Red Pop on Kickstarter!

Go Pano Micro

screen_shot_2011_07_01_at_131601.jpgWhat's the idea? Turns your iPhone into a 360° camera!

Why is it worth your hard-earned dollars? Whether you love your iPhone, love photography, or just enjoy panoramic pictures, then perhaps a small investment in this add-on would make your day.

By adding the Go Pano Micro to your iPhone you can record meetings, sports, or just take great 360° panoramic videos and photos. Imagine the possibilities!

Funding goal: $20,000
Currently funded: $169,209

Find out more about Go Pano Micro on Kickstarter!

Camera Lens Cap Holder

screen_shot_2011_07_01_at_131635.jpgWhat's the idea? Unique lens cap holder that attaches to the camera strap.

Why is it worth your hard-earned dollars? If you’ve tried everything to keep track of your lens holder to no avail, then this is the camera accessory for you. The holder lives on the strap, so when you remove the cap it is help onto the strap. No strings, no stickers, and no more lost caps.

Innovative, original, and definitely useful, this little guy will definitely take off, and you can be the first to own one!

Funding goal: $3,900
Currently funded: $14,623

Find out more about the Camera Lens Cap Holder on Kickstarter!


screen_shot_2011_07_01_at_131651.jpgWhat's the idea? Expands the photo and video capabilities of the iPhone by offering additional lenses.

Why is it worth your hard-earned dollars? Amateur photographers who are limited by the lens capabilities of their iPhone can now get satisfaction with the Olloclip, which gives you convenient lens options including fisheye, wide-angle, and macro lenses.

The pocket-sized holder takes just a few seconds to open, pick a lens, and attach to the iPhone, so you’ll never get stuck with the wrong lens again.

Funding goal: $15,000
Currently funded: $68,201

Find out more about the Olloclip on Kickstarter!

Lens Loop Camera Strap

screen_shot_2011_07_01_at_131709.jpgWhat's the idea? A solution to bulky, expensive camera straps.

Why is it worth your hard-earned dollars? While the strap that traditionally comes with your camera is a pain in the neck, upgrading to a new, more comfortable strap can be exorbitant. Luxury straps are usually also too bulky to be packed away when not in use.

But now there’s Lens Loop! Design from recycled car seat belts and featuring nickel-plated steel hardware, this product is comfortable, convenient, and comes in a variety of custom colours.

Funding goal: $5,000
Currently funded: $2,952

Find out more about the Lens Loop Camera Strap on Kickstarter!

Capture Camera Clip

screen_shot_2011_07_01_at_131807.jpgI posted about the Capture Camera Clip a few days ago here on Pixiq, and it's one hell of an awesome idea.

What's the idea? Innovative locking camera clip that attaches to your belt or bag strap.

Why is it worth your hard-earned dollars? Honestly, why has no one thought of this before? No more dangling cameras weighing down your neck, instead your camera is attached to your belt or bag strap via a handy locking plate system.

The quick release button ensures you can quickly have your camera ready, while the redundant twist lock keeps it safe and secure when not in use. A truly great product that nearly every camera enthusiast will find useful!

Funding goal: $10,000
Currently funded: $271,383

Find out more about the Capture Camera Clip on Kickstarter

Triggertrap – The Universal Camera Trigger

screen_shot_2011_07_01_at_131842.jpgWhy will you look at that, I found a way to tell you about my own project that's currently gaining momentum on Kickstarter - the Triggertrap!

What's the idea? Open source hardware project to create a universal camera trigger.

Why is it worth your hard-earned dollars? This camera accessory is not only convenient, it’s also super-cool! You can choose from a pre-made TriggerTrap, which will trigger your camera by laser-interruption, sound, time, or pretty much anything you can think of. Or, you can opt for the open source version, which provides you with a kit so you can build your very own TriggerTrap. Finally, as if you need any more reasons, the Kickstart campaign for TriggerTrap lets you get your hand on a versatile camera trigger for less than half of the cost of similar products. Sweet!

Funding goal: $25,000
Currently funded: $9,748

Find out more about Triggertrap on Kickstarter or on Triggertrap.com!

Go spend some money!

There you have it – ten great projects! Whether you have cash burning a hole in your pocket, are looking for some awesome new camera accessories, or love to support the arts and tech of photography there is certainly a Kickstart project that you can really get behind.

Don’t hesitate – these artists and innovators really need your assistance to get their projects off the ground.