Thule's Perspektiv range of camera bags

gxrpdrchtyfpnq1o63wa My weather-sealed rucksack met a rather unfortunate end last year. I've been on the look out for a replacement since but nothing has caught my eye. I'm wondering if maybe opting for one of these Thule bags could be an option?

There are six bags in the range: one messenger bag, two backpacks, two 'toploader' bags, and a case designed for action photographers. You know, the sort who scale mountains in the dark without wearing any shoes.

All of the Perspektiv range has been designed for photographers on the move; in addition to the requisite degree of padding that you'd expect from a camera bag there's a slew of weather resistence inclusions, from sealed zips to weather-resistent pockets and hideaway rain covers, as well as nifty ideas like a removable pod system that lets you slide your camera gear or personal documents straight into a hotel safe.

The backpacks come daypack size and backpack size. The daypack is designed for a day out shooting; it'll house a dSLR fitted with a wide-angle lens in addition to two other lenses including a 70-200mm as well as a flash. There are pockets for your sunglasses and space enough for a jacket, an organiser for memory cards and batteries, and high-visibility lining should make finding things that bit easier. It's priced around $160.

The backpack is a whole lot bigger, but still meets carry-on luggage specifications. It has space for more lenses as well as a 15" laptop. There's customisable storage space for cords, cables, and accessories, as well as tripod and water bottle pockets. It'll set you back $250.

The messenger bag will hold your camera and a zoom lens in addition to a 15" laptop, as well as a selection of bits and pieces. It comes with the pod system and the high-visibility interior and there's a weather-resistent zip to give you easy access to your hardware. Fancy that one? It's around $140.

The toploader bags come in sizes large and medium. They're intended to be more minimalist camera bags, meant for one camera and one lens (a 70-200mm lens will fit in the large bag), with a few stash pockets here and there. They're priced at $130 and $100 respectively.

Last of all there's the action sports camera case with a crush-proof camera compartment, a roll top, and a flip-down organisation compartment. All that crushing, rolling, and flipping is making me feel exhausted. That will cost you around $40.

If you want to look at Thule's bags in a bit more detail head over to the website.