Olympus makes image sharing easier

Being able to share your images on the fly, usually through a combination of a camera's internal wi-fi and a smartphone or tablet app, has been a focus of camera manufacturers' attention for a little while now. (Why wouldn't it be, first because you can, and second because of smartphone creep?) Olympus' IO.Share app allowed that to a degree, but an upgrade today has just widened the circle, bringing Android smartphone and tablet owners to the sharing party. The app's free, but you will need to be using a compatible camera and a FlashAir memory card to make the most of it so that you can share images wirelessly via a smartphone or tablet. If you fancy adding any of Olympus' filters stored on a tablet, you can do that using the app, too.

Aside from the sharing element, the upgrade will enable anyone who's lined up for a new E-P5 to control it wirelessly. Even if you're not bothered by being able to upload an image to Facebook within seconds of shooting it, remote shutter release is definitely a useful addition.

You can access the app from Olympus' wwebsite.