We've been doing this photography lark for a while.


Team Photocritic is Haje Jan Kamps and Daniela Bowker. Between us, we've been taking photos for over fifty years, we've written a stack of books about taking photos, we've edited a small library's-worth more, and we've been teaching photography for well over a decade.



Haje Jan Kamps

Haje founded Photocritic way back in 2004. An inveterate geek and maker, he figured out how to make a macro lens with a Pringles can, hacked a lens cap to turn a dSLR into pinhole camera, and even founded his own company, Triggertrap, to bring remote camera releasing to the masses.

He's a qualified PADI divemaster, loves to ride motorcycles, and is always happy with a tub of ice-cream.

Website | @Haje on Twitter 


Daniela Bowker

Daniela started out her career as a history teacher, but slowly moved into writing and editing, whether about history, food, or photography. Sometimes she even managed to combine all three. If you're wondering: she first picked up a camera aged five. She hasn't looked back.

She has a mild shoe obsession, three chickens live in her garden, and allegedly she makes the best lasagne in the world.

@SmallAperture on Twitter